about us

Qur was co-founded by Arpineh, a singer/songwriter and Evelina, a visual artist/illustrator. Qur is a brand and collective that empowers all womxn to unapologetically be their authentic selves. Our products ooze empowerment, confidence, vulnerability, and a dash of sass for all who seek it.

We will be releasing more products, but wanted to start with a phrase that we live by...."all the best, f*ck the rest".

One day Arpineh's mom raised her glass to say a toast and these beautiful words came out, all the best, f*ck the rest. And in that moment, they realized truer words had never been spoken. When you really think about it, if you give your best and know that you gave it 100%, do you really care about the outcome?  

With this first exclusive launch, we hope that you will share our motto and flaunt it, too. Afterall, life is too short! All the best, fuck the rest.